Investing In Our people

Our employees are critical to our ongoing success. We continuously invest in our people to make sure we have a highly engaged and motivated workforce. We want our employees to be inspired by leadership, engaged in purpose-driven, meaningful work, and have opportunities for personal growth and development. We aim to create an environment where employees are encouraged to fulfill their potential and make a positive contribution to our business.

Employee development

We believe our hardworking teams are our greatest asset. We want them all to have the skills, commitment, and enthusiasm to grow our business and add value for our shareholders. We are committed to supporting career development and continued education at every stage of our employees’ careers.

We want Innospec to be an attractive career choice for both new recruits and long-term employees. We are proud of our high levels of employee retention. Over 54% of employees have been with us for over five years and 35% have worked with us for over ten years. We recognize that operating as a responsible business is a minimum expectation for prospective hires. Our people and their values underpin our business and are crucial to driving Innospec forward.

Our workforce in numbers

Operating across 22 countries

Over 2,100 employees operating across 22 countries

Length of service
5+ years

1,150 employees (54%)

Length of service
10+ years

740 employees (35%)


516 employees (24%)
Female employees in senior role: 53 (26%)
Female Board members: 2 (25%)


1,603 employees (76%)

Supporting a sustainable workforce

We offer opportunities to young people in the form of apprenticeships, paid internships, trainee programs and work experience at several of our locations around the world. We provide participants with tailored programs that offer comprehensive practical training and experience.

In 2022, we offered:

  • 40 paid internships
  • 31 apprenticeships
  • 27 student placements
  • 19 work experience opportunities

Connor Eddleston, Chemistry MChem, University of St Andrews

‘Spending my ‘Year in Industry’ placement with Innospec has been a truly rewarding experience. As a Chemistry student, it’s been great to follow the whole product development process from first steps in the laboratory through to manufacture of the final formulation. The support received and the different opportunities presented to me have been amazing and given me the chance to learn new skills.

During the year I’ve been involved in everything from training distributors to welcoming school children on a visit to our laboratories in Ellesmere Port, UK. Along the way, my problem-solving, communication, teamwork and presentation skills have all improved, through having worked with so many different people from all over the world. I will return to university to complete my degree in the knowledge that my career is heading in the right direction. I now know what I am looking to achieve after graduation.’

Diversity & Inclusion

Our business benefits from a diverse range of skills and creativity thanks to the geographical and cultural spread of our operations. We are committed to treating everybody with dignity and respect, across our global business and beyond.

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Employee Training & Development

To build a sustainable business we need a competent and experienced workforce. To achieve this, we offer both internal and external training across our global business to support the continual development of our employees.

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