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Sustainable Sourcing of Palm

Global demand for palm oil continues to increase. It offers a far greater yield at a lower cost of production than other vegetable oils. As demand increases so has the expansion of palm plantations which has come at the expense of tropical forests and the conversion of peatland forests. This has had an adverse effect on the environment and local communities living in these areas.

We use relatively small volumes of palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives in several of our performance chemicals products. However, we recognize we have an important role to play in driving the sustainable sourcing of palm oil for use in the markets in which we operate in.
  • Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Policy
  • Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Policy Implementation

We work with our suppliers to ensure that all the palm-based materials we procure will be from sustainable sources that comply with our Principles for Sustainable Palm and Palm Oil Derivatives Sourcing, as outlined in our Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Policy.

Our policy defines our commitments and the steps we are taking towards ensuring that our products are produced only from sustainable palm sources that comply with the NDPE (no Deforestation, no Peat, no Exploitation) compliance.

View Our Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil Derivatives Policy

We regularly engage with our suppliers to work towards all palm-based material we procure being sourced from sustainable sources that comply with NDPE principles.

Details of our action plan, timeline and progress against meeting these policy commitments can be found in our annual progress report.

View our Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Action Plan & Progress Update
  • RSPO Membership
  • Palm Supply Grievance Procedure
  • Sustainable Palm Index

As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2013, we have a long-term commitment to source palm-based raw materials responsibly. All our facilities that handle palm-based materials are RSPO mass balance (MB) supply chain certified. We are therefore able to supply our customers with RSPO MB certified products on request and we encourage them to do so.

View our Progress on the RSPO website

Our Palm Supply Grievance Procedure details the clear process to be followed and the timescales for any external palm grievance or concern received to be investigated and resolved in a timely, transparent and effective manner.

View our Innospec Palm Grievance Procedure

Sustainable Palm Index (SPI)

Innospec Performance Chemicals received a ‘Best in Class practices’ rating following our participation in the 2022 Sustainable Palm Index (SPI) campaign.

The SPI assessment is an evaluation scorecard for suppliers of palm-based derivatives, aimed at assessing the level of commitment, processes and achievements in terms of sustainable sourcing (NDPE – No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) practices. It involves a self-disclosure with independent verification based on desk information.

With 112 suppliers in total evaluated during the 2022 campaign, Innospec’s score of 96/100 compares favourably with the average score for all suppliers of 54/100. The result reflects the positive efforts we are making to achieve greater sustainability in the palm derivatives supply chain.

View our RSPO certificate

We have been members of Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD) since 2020. The collaborative initiative aims to use a harmonized approach to supply chain transparency, risk monitoring and engagement efforts to improve practices.

The initiative is co-facilitated by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and Transitions, two organizations with expertise in the field of supply chain sustainability.

The industry led group brings together like-minded companies to collectively tackle supply chain issues around palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives and uphold the NDPE principles, respect human rights and support local livelihoods. The initiative aims to create global, transparent mapping of the palm derivatives supply chain, and to harmonize approaches on transparency, risk monitoring and evaluation.

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