Our strategy is to continue to develop products and technologies that strengthen our market position. Our commitment to achieving responsible growth means we focus on improving our financial performance to generate economic benefits for our employees, shareholders and local communities.

2022 Financial Performance

In 2022, our financial performance hit new highs with annual sales reaching US$1.96 billion and a double-digit growth in operating profit. Each of our core businesses made an important contribution to these results and we benefited from having a balanced product portfolio spanning different markets and geographic regions. Our business teams negotiated rising costs of raw materials, labor and energy, to deliver an excellent performance. With strong cash generation, we ended the year with a strong balance sheet and no debt.

US$1.96 billion

Revenue – 32% increase

US$187.3 million

Operating Income – 42% increase

US$586.7 million

Gross Profit – 35% increase

AUS$225.4 million

Adjusted EBITD – 26% increase

Performance Chemicals

Our Performance Chemicals business delivered full-year sales and operating income for 2022, well up on the previous year. Driving this growth are our industry-leading technologies which are well matched to the current market trends of wellness and sustainability.

Fuel Specialties

Fuel Specialties delivered strong returns although inflation impacted profit margins. As the world changes and we move towards low-carbon fuels, our business continues to evolve to support our customers.

Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services finished the year with stronger than expected results. Sales and profits rose significantly with demand for production chemicals up sharply. The business overcame many residual challenges from the pandemic to record a 75% increase in sales and fourfold increase in profits over the previous year.

Our commitment to responsible growth

Our business is committed to achieving responsible growth. To do this we focus on continuously improving our financial performance to generate economic benefits for our employees, shareholders and local communities. We also focus on product innovation and application development to ensure that we can add critical value to the partnerships we enjoy with our global customers.

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Investment in our sites, our laboratory facilities, our workforce, and our systems and processes help drive innovation by enabling us to work more efficiently and effectively with our colleagues and customers.

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Product Sustainability

Supplying safe, sustainable products, designed to meet the needs of society now and in the future, while minimizing their environmental impact.

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