Journey to Zero Harm

Our company-wide Journey To Zero Harm (JTZH) program is our key strategic tool to help reduce accident numbers by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for carrying out a personal safety risk assessment before starting an activity.

Building on the excellent existing behavioral safety activities at our sites, the program sets out our expectations in a clear and consistent message and provides the tools to help everyone focus efforts on achieving our goal of zero harm. The principle of the program is ‘Embracing Safety Together’ and sets out a shared commitment to delivering a positive safety culture. Our Journey To Zero Harm program consists of five elements:
The global rollout of the program to all employees ensures Board and leadership buy-in, demonstrating that the behavior expectations and safety culture is led from the top. All employees globally, including Board and Executive Team members, receive training in the JTZH program.

In 2021 we published our overarching company JTZH strategy defining the expectations and responsibilities of our corporate, business, regional and local management teams in the implementation of the program.

All manufacturing facilities are subject to a monitoring visit to assess how well the program is being embedded at each site and into its culture. JTZH coordinators were appointed at all non-manufacturing locations globally, to support the roll out of training packages and collate engagement data.

JTZH training modules

Our Hazard Awareness Training modules are designed to target the most common causes of accidents occurring at Innospec. The modules are translated into our five core languages and supported with a range of promotional materials to aid communication on site. To date, we have completed the global rollout of three hazard awareness modules to all employees:

  • In the line of fire
  • Slips, trips and falls 
  • Working at height

Other JTZH training packages we have rolled out to specific functions include:

  • JTZH manufacturing refresher course
  • JTZH office refresher course
  • General office SHE awareness course

These courses are designed to help further embed the program at manufacturing sites locally and promote engagement and understanding in office-based locations.

Site initiatives supporting behavioural safety

Each year our sites maintain existing programs or introduce new initiatives to help improve safety at a local level.

Our Vernon, France site introduced a new e-learning system to improve employee access to training materials and records. 

Our Midland, Oklahoma and Pleasanton sites in the US carry out targeted awareness campaigns to advise employees on safe driving, helping to reduce driver safety risks. 

Several of our locations operate a ‘near miss of the month or quarter’ scheme to encourage employees to report near misses: 

  • Our North Carolina, US and Ellesmere Port, UK sites make a financial donation to a charity as nominated by the ‘Near Miss of the Month’ reporting employee.
  • Our Castiglione, Italy site rewards the employee reporting the ‘near miss of the quarter’ with a JTZH backpack.
  • Our Midland, Oklahoma and Pleasanton sites in the US reward employees reporting ‘near miss of the month’ and ‘near miss of the year’ with prizes such as branded jackets and caps. They also offer regional and departmental awards for recording zero OSHA recordable accidents, zero vehicle incidents, and zero lost time accidents in a year.

Journey To Zero Harm in 2023

milestone reached of our JTZH program

safety interactions completed

employees trained in the JTZH program

60-second checks completed