Encouraging innovation in product and application development and responding to customer needs to keep our businesses competitive and sustainable.

Driving change through R&D

Through innovation, investment, research and technology, we can help customers all around the world, on the path to a more sustainable future. Our scientists have invented and developed many of the proprietary technologies that have now become the benchmark for a variety of industries. This is because we continually invest in Research and Development. We focus activities on a business-prioritized basis:

  • Anticipating customer requirements
  • Identifying and responding to market-influencing developments
  • Understanding the opportunities created by advances in technology.

Research & Technology

US$41.7 million spend in 2023

Technical Support

245 people working globally in R&T and Technical Support

Global R&T

Ellesmere Port, UK

Global Center of Excellence

UTAC Millbrook, UK

Global Network

Germany (Herne, Leuna)
France (Vernon, St Mihel)
Spain (Barcelona)

4 Regional R&T

Italy (Castiglione)
US (Houston, Pencader, Salisbury)

Protecting our intellectual property

Responsibility for maintaining our patent and trademark portfolio lies with our Corporate Technology Intellectual Property (IP) team. Based in Ellesmere Port, UK, the team provide support on all IP matters including patents, trademarks and trade secrets in many jurisdictions. At the end of 2023, we had 789 patents granted and 384 patents pending – a total of 1,173 and a 4% increase on 2022.

Expanding our R&T facilities

As a business, we continually invest in our infrastructure to ensure we always have the research and technology (R&T) resources and manufacturing capacity to fulfil our customers’ product and service needs. In 2023, we increased our investment in these vital areas, spending US$41.7 million on R&T, a rise of 8% on 2022.

During the year, we were pleased to move into a completely renovated and updated customer technical services center in Newark, US. Work also continued expanding production capacity for our key surfactant products in Salisbury, US. A new pastillation plant was opened in Leuna, Germany, to enhance our wax production line and manufacture new compounds for this expanding market. All these projects are enabling us to work more effectively.