Fundraising Around the World

Innospec Cares supports the charities close to our employees’ hearts through financial contributions. Innospec Cares match funds the amount raised by our employees, on a US$2 for every US$1 basis, enabling employees to give even more to their local communities.

Charitable Giving in 2022:

Over US$194,000 raised together with our employees

84 good causes supported through charitable giving

Explore how our employees have been fundraising around the world:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Boot walk for cancer research, US

Teams of Houston, US, employees regularly participate in The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s ‘Boot Walk to End Cancer’, covering 1.2 miles in a variety of boots raising funds to support the Center’s mission of eliminating cancer globally. 

‘Thank you, on behalf of the thousands of dedicated researchers, clinicians and other health care professionals at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, for your generous gift.’ – The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, organization

Supporting Toys for Tots

Ten of our Houston, US, employees led a toy drive and monetary collection for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation who collect and distribute new toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. 

Additionally, one of our High Point, US, employees has a long-standing partnership with Toys for Tots. Most recently they have prepared and sold food plates at a fundraising event with all proceeds supporting the purchase and distribution of toys for children who otherwise may not have a gift at Christmas. 

‘I am so thankful that our company provides such a program as Innospec Cares. It gives employees a chance to give back to their community, knowing that the impact will go to something meaningful right at their back door’ – Innospec employee, Houston.

Dedicated fundraising for the United Way

Employees at our High Point and Salisbury, US, sites participate in annual fundraising campaigns for the United Way of Greater High Point and the Rowan County United Way. Employees donate via a payroll deduction program to support multiple agencies in the local areas with a focus on mental health, substance abuse, education and poverty. The United Way organizations are key to ensuring those in need in the High Point and Salisbury communities are supported. 

‘The Innospec Cares program is a great way to help the community to support all individuals even when times are tough. United Way giving back to the community is a great way to help. I have lived in this area all my life and it is great to see the community come together helping each other.’ – Team Innospec, High Point. 

Rowan County United Way

‘On behalf of our board of directors, staff and Rowan citizens, I would like to thank Innospec for your steadfast support. Through your generous donation from Innospec Cares and contributions from Innospec employee giving, Rowan County is able to provide support services for those in need’ – Rowan County United Way, organization.

Raffle ticket fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project

To raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization working to transform the way injured veterans are empowered, employed & engaged within the community, a team of employees at our Pleasanton, US site organized an on-site raffle. 

‘We believe the Innospec Cares program makes an impact on our communities in a positive way. We are striving to show the support to our communities locally and this has been extremely beneficial’ – Team Innospec, Pleasanton

Chester Half Marathon, UK

Teams of employees from Ellesmere Port, UK, frequently participate in the Chester half marathon running 13.1 miles to raise funds for local organizations. A team of ten employees ran in support of Claire House Children’s Hospice, supporting the specialist medical and emotional care of terminally ill children and their families. Subsequently, a team of sixteen employees participated in support of Dementia UK, who care for individuals facing dementia and their families. 

‘Out of all the fundraising we have done for charities, this has to be one that has really touched me. It gives a massive boost to the runners and the charity to know that a global business such as Innospec is supporting them.’ – Team Innospec, Ellesmere Port

Solidarity walk for Obra Sant Joan de Déu

Twelve employees from our Barcelona, Spain, site participated in a sponsored walk to raise funds for Obra Social Sant Joan De Deu, who aim to support disadvantaged, in-need members of the local community with focus areas including mental health support, help for homeless, support for children’s hospitals and medical research funding. 

‘Innospec workers participated in a solidarity walk organized by Sant Joan de Déu. Thanks to the contribution of Innospec and its teams we raised €423,994. With this money, many social projects will benefit.’ – Obra Sant Joan de Déu, Organization

Race to support Ligue Contre le Cancer

To raise funds for breast cancer research, prevention, detection and treatment, a team of twenty St Mihiel, France, employees took part in a sponsored ‘Pink October’ run across 11km, to support the work of Ligue Contre le Cancer.

Herne summer party for refugee integration

Our Herne, Germany site held a summer party with over 80 employees, who donated money in support of Train of Hope Dortmund e.V. The organization strive to integrate refugees into the local community through the provision of emergency shelters, work placements and housing. 

‘With your donation, we will not only continue our work, but expand it further. You are making a big contribution, which gives us further opportunities to promote integration and give people hope’ – Train of Hope Dortmund, organization. 

‘I just wanted to say thank you. By donating to charities in our hometown it shows that Innospec is interested in people and really wants to help’ – Team Innospec, Herne 

Hiking for Halton Haven Hospice

An employee from our Ellesmere Port, UK, site embarked on the mammoth task of tackling the three peak challenge – climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in 72 hours – to raise funds for Halton Haven Hospice, a local hospice providing end of life care for cancer patients and their families.

‘Thank you ever so much for your kind donation. This is an extremely generous donation towards the work of Halton Haven Hospice, and we really do appreciate both the Innospec Cares Scheme and the Innospec employees for putting us forward to receive such a donation.’ – Halton Haven, organization. 

Fundraising for emergency flood relief

Following the devastating floods across Italy in 2023, a team of Castiglione, Italy employees quickly established a fundraising page for their colleagues to donate to. The funds were used by the Croce Rossa Italiana, to provide front line emergency response to the widespread flooding.

 ‘This wonderful group of employees has exceeded expectations and did the best they could to support the great job the Red Cross did from the first moment of the emergency, being there, supporting affected people on the field and helping to restore their lives. I’m really proud of the exceptional outcome of our fundraising activity’ – Team Innospec, Castiglione 

Team donation for Lega Del Filodoro Onlus

Thirteen of our employees from Milan, Italy, started a fundraising page for Lega Del Filodoro Onlus, an organization who support those in the community who are blind-deaf and their families, helping them to achieve social integration and a better social life. Our employees are regular supporters of Lega Del Filodoro Onlus.

‘I sincerely thank you for the contribution you have sent us and for the solidarity you continue to show us. The attention you have shown us over the years is a demonstration of the concrete support you have for our foundation’ – Lega Del Filodoro Onlus, organization.

Coffee morning for Macmillan

An employee from our Ellesmere Port, UK, site has been an incredible long-time fundraiser for Macmillan, hosting Macmillan coffee mornings for over 10 years. The money raised provides medical, emotional and financial support to cancer patients and their families and support the campaign for better cancer treatment. 

‘I have hosted the Macmillan Cancer Support World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on site at Ellesmere Port since 2012. I have been so grateful for the support of my colleagues, the site and the company and for the Innospec Cares program for matching what I have raised. I cannot say it enough, but I am so very thankful for Innospec Cares for matching the donations.’ – Team Innospec, Ellesmere Port.

Fondazione Malagutti Onlus fundraising

Employees at our Castiglione site established a fundraising campaign to collect money for Fondazione Malagutti Onlus, an organization supporting children and young people in disadvantaged, vulnerable situations in the local community. 

‘I believe that the Innospec Cares program is one of Innospec’s flagships and makes me feel proud to be part of this company that prioritises support for charitable organizations in our local communities. I am really pleased to have contributed to helping the Fondazione Malagutti in its mission to support less fortunate children.’ – Team Innospec, Castiglione

Baking for Autism Together

Employees at our Ellesmere Port, UK, site took part in a baking competition judged by members of Autism Together. The collection of baked goods was then purchased by colleagues in support of Autism Together, who work to support people living with autism and their families through residential care and skills workshops. 

‘I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your generous donation to Autism Together. We are delighted that you have chosen to support us and we had a brilliant time with Innospec at their Bake Off event. The money donated will be going towards helping the people we support to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives, whilst ensuring future services are in place for people with autism and their families’ – Autism Together, organization

Singapore cycles for Sunlove Home for the Intellectually Infirm

Three employees from Singapore cycled 245km from Melaka to Singapore, raising funds for Sunlove Home for Intellectually Infirm Ltd, who provide essential items, food and support to vulnerable or low-income members of the community.

‘We are proud to be part of this Innospec Cares program which has been of great help to several charities, not only the one that we have participated in.’ – Team Innospec, Singapore

Foodbank of Singapore support

As regular volunteers at the Foodbank of Singapore, a team of our Singapore employees established an online fundraising campaign for the organization to support the essential role the foodbank has in the local community. The funds covered the cost of 160 food packages for families in need. 

‘I am grateful and proud to be working for a company that gives back to the community and encourages its employees to contribute towards their community. I am very fond of The Foodbank because it gives everyone an opportunity to give back to the community. They tackle food wastage and hunger issues in the community.’ – Team Innospec, Singapore