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As a NASDAQ listed (IOSP) global specialty chemical company, we recognize that being a responsible business is key to our continued success.
As well as generating returns for our shareholders and providing key products to our customers, we also have a responsibility to ensure that we operate safely, deliver to regulatory standards, and minimize our footprint on the environment.

As a responsible business we have been producing detailed reports on our sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities since 1999. Innospec has a strong history of incorporating sustainability across our businesses and our strategy.

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Measuring and reducing the impacts that our activities have on the climate and wider environment are at the core of our ESG / sustainability strategy. We are committed to using resources as efficiently as possible, promoting sustainable consumption and developing innovative products with improved environmental profiles to help support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals.

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People are at the heart of our business. We strive to create a safe, inclusive, diverse and caring culture where our employees are supported and encouraged to make a positive contribution inside the workplace and our wider communities.

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Innospec understands that honest, ethical and transparent conduct is vital, therefore we place the strongest emphasis on high standards of Corporate Governance. We have established a clear and effective governance structure to ensure that we uphold a robust level of corporate and business integrity. Every employee plays an essential part in complying with local and national laws, rules and regulations.

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Across all three of our businesses, our strategy is to continue to develop new and improved products and technologies that further strengthen our market position. Our commitment to achieving responsible growth means we focus on continuously improving our financial performance to generate economic benefits for our employees, shareholders and local communities.

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2022 Environmental, Social, Governance Report

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