Volunteering Days

We encourage all our employees to provide hands on support to organizations, making a difference to their daily operations and delivering a real benefit within our local communities. Our employees can spend one paid working day, every year, volunteering with their chosen charity or good cause, enabling our people to get involved with their communities.

Our Volunteering Impact in 2023:

A record 961 volunteer hours undertaken

29 charities and good causes supported

A record 240 employees used their volunteering days

Explore how our employees volunteered around the world:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Meals on Wheels, Salisbury, US

A team of five Innospec employees volunteered to deliver nutritious meals to homebound senior and disabled citizens of Rowan County. They provide a friendly greeting and food for those who cannot cook for themselves or don’t have family to bring them food.

‘The Meals on Wheels program is so valuable to the seniors in our community. There are many who wouldn’t have a hot meal or any visitors to check on them without it. The program ensures they are eating and provides us an opportunity to see if there is anything else they may need. I believe there are many seniors that are simply forgotten about and this program ensures this doesn’t happen. I appreciate the company for allowing us to help!’ – Team Innospec, Salisbury, US

American Cancer Society, US

34 employees from our Pleasanton, US, site volunteered to create cards for the children of a local hospital. Their aim was to bring a smile and hope to each child battling cancer.

‘Our efforts have positively impacted the children by bringing a daily smile to their faces once they open their letters. They are continuously surrounded by doctors and nurses so the thought of anyone else that is thinking about them has been a refreshing sight for them. They especially enjoyed the visits as we have reopened in person visitation. We appreciate Innospec and their employees for allowing them to contribute.’ – American Cancer Society, organization

Children’s Alliance of South Texas (CASA), US

22 Innospec volunteers worked at two events to raise money for the Children’s Alliance of South Texas, an organisation that provides support to Children that have recently experienced trauma. They helped the organization by setting up the event to ensure it was a safe place for children to be and showing these children that they were supported by the community.

‘Your efforts have helped them bring awareness to child abuse and raise funds to those in need. We are grateful for the involvement from local businesses to support their cause. ’ – CASA, organization

OKC Beautiful, US

From improving biodiversity and preventing erosion, to providing cleaner air, trees provide significant benefits to society. As so, our Oklahoma, US, employees volunteer annually with OKC Beautiful, helping to restore vegetation and clean up parks to enhance the natural local environment. Our teams planted trees and restored the green space of a local school and parks, improving the area for the community.

‘This investment in trees is helping create a more beautiful, shaded, and cleaner environment for our future generations. We greatly appreciate Innospec for their focus on helping expand and repair the tree canopy in Oklahoma City’ – OKC Beautiful, organization

A Precious Child, US

A Precious Child strive to empower children whose families cannot afford school supplies by providing them with the materials to reach their highest potential. Ten of our Englewood employees supported this cause by volunteering to fill backpacks with donated school supplies and distributing to families in need. 

‘I felt this volunteering event was a great success and had a positive impact on A Precious Child and the community. We filled up almost 400 backpacks with school supplies for students in need. I had a wonderful time at this volunteering event and would love to do something like this again.’ – Team Innospec, Englewood

Keep Midland Beautiful, US

A team of eleven Midland, US, employees worked with Keep Midland Beautiful to restore and enhance the local natural green space for the community. Our employees planted trees in a park to provide shade and promote biodiversity. 

‘Seeing everybody come together and show their care for our city was wonderful.’ – Team Innospec, Midland, US.

Foodbank of Delaware, US

To support the Foodbank of Delaware’s long-term mission of alleviating poverty and hunger, eight Pencader, US, employees helped to pack food items and distributed the parcels to support local families in need. 

‘We all felt it was a wonderful experience to help at risk families, but we also gained skills in working in a fast-paced environment while also gaining team building experience.’ – Team Innospec, Pencader, US

Montgomery County Women’s Centre, US

Four employees from Woodland, US, volunteered their time to support a local organization working to prevent domestic violence. The team staffed the charity store and replenished goods, raising funds for the organization. 

‘I believe that Innospec Cares is a great program that encourages Innospec employees to participate in volunteer work while also giving back to the community.’  – Team Innospec, Woodlands, US

Hospice of the Good Shepherd, UK

Employees at our Ellesmere Port, UK, site are committed to supporting Hospice of the Good Shepherd, a local hospice close to many employees’ hearts. 

A team of Ellesmere Port employees spent the day collecting Christmas trees on behalf of the hospice, who receive funds for every tree recycled. 

‘We were out collecting 90 trees from 9am to 5pm around Chester.  The thought of the hospice receiving significant donations for such a good cause makes it all worthwhile.’ – Team Ellesmere Port, UK

Another team of our Ellesmere port employees volunteered at a Christmas grotto, organised by the hospice, to raise much needed funds. Employees were an essential part of this key fundraising event and spread some joy over the Christmas period. 

Meanwhile, another team of eight Ellesmere Port employees helped to install a display of metal ornamental hearts purchased in memory of a loved one, with all proceeds supporting the organization. 

‘Innospec employees are a credit to the company. Every one of them worked hard, and were dedicated to making the display perfect, treating each heart with respect. Our long-standing partnership with you has made a difference in all that we do.’ – Hospice of the Good Shepherd, organization

Croce Rossa Italiana, Italy

Fourteen Castiglione, Italy, employees volunteered with Croce Rossa Italiana across the month of December. The organization provides emotional and financial support to anyone facing hardship in the community and our team of employees supported their mission by organizing their warehouse, preparing food parcels and distributing food and gift parcels to those in need across the holiday period. 

‘I think that helping other people is also a good way to improve ourselves, and I find it admirable that our company encourages us to dedicate our time and energy not only to our job, but also for the good of our community.’ – Team Innospec, Castiglione, Italy

Herne Tafel e.v., Germany

To support the work of Herne Tafel e.v., who collect and distribute food to families in need and offer hot meals, a Herne, Germany, employee spent the day distributing food packages to people in need in the local community. 

‘The Innospec Cares program is a great way to support other people and organizations in their important work for disadvantaged people. The volunteer day was a great opportunity to come together with volunteers and witness the needs and challenges in other people’s daily lives’ – Herne, Germany employee

Salvation Army, Singapore

In Singapore, nine employees supported the Salvation Army, an organization who serve the less fortunate in the community by providing emotional and material support. Employees spent their time sorting through and packaging donated goods, ranging from clothes to food, for distribution to those in need.

‘It was a very humbling experience for us and definitely good team bonding. The staff at the Salvation Army were truly appreciative of our help and told us they wish to see us again in the near future.’ – Team Innospec, Singapore

Food From the Heart, Singapore

A team of nine employees from Singapore, volunteered to support the work of Food From the Heart, an organization who strive to alleviate hunger through the provision of food packages, in addition to ditributing toys to children from families in need. Our employees worked in the warehouse sorting donated food items and packing goods for distribution. 

‘During the packing session at our warehouse, volunteers assisted in packing our School Goodie Bags, their efforts have supported 400 beneficiaries in the community’ – Food From the Heart, organization