Our Sustainability / ESG Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is broken down into three key areas: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Our actions are focused on areas where we can have the most impact on the long-term future of our business. The results of our materiality assessment, along with wider ESG considerations, have been used to inform the annual review and update of our strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our strategic focus areas target the issues that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders. To find out more about how we communicate with our stakeholders and determine the issues that are most important to them click below.

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  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

Conserving and protecting

Environmental impact

Measuring and reducing the impact our activities have on the climate and the wider environment. Developing innovative products with an improved environment profile.

Product sustainability

Supplying safe, sustainability product, designed to meet the needs of society now and in the future, to help customers achieve their sustainability goals while minimizing environmental impact.

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Caring for people

Health, safety & well-being

Nothing is more important to us. We strive to be leaders in health and safety, safeguarding anyone that could be affected by our activities and operations.


Investing in the growth, diversity and development of our employees helps us to attract talent and achieve long-term success.

Community engagement

Supporting local communities through education, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Leading by example

Legal compliance

Understanding that honest, ethical and transparent conduct is vital to our success and reputation. Every employee plays an essential part in complying with local and national laws, rules and regulations. Implementation of robust operating systems and processes that protect the security of the company and its employees, information and intellectual property.

Third-party management

Verifying our supply chain complies with legal, ethical and social requirements, while also finding opportunities for environmental improvement and economic efficiency.

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ESG 2022 Report

Learn more about our 2022 ESG performance

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Engagement & Materiality

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Our Vision

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Verification & Accreditation

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