About Us

Innospec is a global specialty chemical company with the talent, expertise and drive to help our customers succeed in competitive markets.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We make it our business to provide innovative ground-breaking products, combined with excellent customer service and technical support. Our suppliers and local capabilities enable us to remain flexible and dynamic to our customers’ changing needs, with a continued focus on quality-driven and responsive service. Our outstanding R&D capabilities have meant that we’ve been successful in bringing new technologies to market which allow our customers to improve their products and operations. We continue to invest in and focus on R&D, ensuring we meet future needs with pioneering innovations.

Protecting our People and Environment

The skills, expertise and dedication of our team differentiate us from our competition and enable us to deliver superior results for our customers. We understand better than anyone the impact our operations could have on the safety of our employees and the environment. We are committed to minimizing our footprint so that the vital products we give to the world are produced in a safe, responsible, resource-sensitive and environmentally-considerate way.

Get in Touch

If you require any further information or would like to contact Innospec with your enquiries, please contact us by filling in our form, or using the details.