Through our engagement activities, we understand that water management is important for a number of our stakeholders and we recognize the importance of using water responsibly and reducing waste.

2018 Performance

In 2018, our total water consumption continued to decrease. We recorded a 10% reduction of water used per metric tonne of product since 2017. We are now using 53% less water per metric tonne of product in our manufacturing process than we did in the 2006 baseline year.

2018 Water Saving Activities

Although none of our production facilities that use water in the process are located in water constrained areas, we ensure that we use this valuable resource as carefully and efficiently as possible.. Examples of water saving activities in 2018 include:

  • Upgrading the dedicated bio treatment plant located at our site in St Mihiel, France, increasing the sludge treatment process capacity, enabling better bacterial activity and improving waste water quality.
  • Creating concentrated and solid versions of our surfactants for use in shampoo, body wash and home care products, helping to reduce the amount of water consumed during their manufacture and use.
  • Replacing water with a more efficient steam system and better production planning enabled our site in Barcelona, Spain to minimize water needed for cleaning vessels and reactors in-between production campaigns.
  • Introducing a closed-circuit cooling system to reduce the amount of water required to cool the blenders and reactors used at our site in St Mihiel, France.

Improving logistic planning schedules helped our site in Herne, Germany to reduce the number of tanker cleaning activities needed between product change over, reducing the amount of water used by the site.