Through our stakeholder engagement, we understand that water management is important for a number of our stakeholders and we recognize the importance of using water responsibly and reducing waste.

2017 Performance

2017 Water Saving Activities

Although our production facilities that use water in the process are not located in water constrained areas, we ensure that we use this valuable resource as carefully and efficiently as possible. Examples of water saving activities in 2017 include:

  • A new efficient process water cooling system at Leuna, Germany, delivered savings of almost 2,000 m3 per month following its installation in September 2017. Based on this performance, we forecast water savings as a result of the new equipment of approximately 19,000 m3 for 2018.
  • A new closed water cooling circuit for two stripper vessels at St Mihiel, France, is forecast to save over 70,000 m3 of water a year.
  • Vernon, France, reduced water used in the magnesium soap process by 23% after bringing together operational personnel in a working group to address a spike in consumption over the summer period. The group identified potential water saving measures, including operator refresher training on water conservation and replacement of aging equipment.