Climate Change

We recognize that businesses like ours have an important contribution to make towards reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change impacts. Our climate change position statement sets out our commitment to reducing GHG emissions.

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Carbon Offsetting

We offset emissions through a variety of ways across our businesses and manufacturing locations to reduce our carbon footprint. This allows us to support projects that help to cut global GHG emissions, aswell as having far-reaching positive social and environmental impacts.

Below are some examples of the offsetting actions we have taken to reduce emissions throughout our operations.

  • RECs
  • Green Gas contracts
  • Ecotherm® pro natur
  • VCUs
  • Tree Planting
  • German Association for protection of Forests & Woodlands


As part of our objective to secure renewable energy sources, we purchased hydro Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the 2022 electricity usage at all our US manufacturing facilities.

Green Gas Contract

In Italy, our Castiglione site secured a green gas contract which included the purchase of 14,036 verified carbon units (VCUs) to offset its natural gas usage on site.

Ecotherm® pro natur

Innospec offsets carbon emissions from ecotherm® pro natur-treated light heating oil sold by purchasing VCUs since 2018. This enables customers to provide carbon-neutral premium heating oil with improved stability and cleaner combustion.


Our manufacturing facility in Herne, Germany, maintained its carbon neutral status through the purchase of 6,450 VCUs to offset their 2022 energy usage. The purchased VCUs are supporting a renewable energy hydropower project in Uganda.

Tree Planting

Our Vernon manufacturing facility in France countered GHG emissions associated with its production energy usage by supporting tree planting as part of the TOGO program, helping to restore areas affected by deforestation.

Fuel Specialties Donations

Since 2008, our Fuel Specialties business has donated to the German Association for the Protection of Forests and Woodlands (SDW) for every litre of ecotherm® futur sold. In 2022, a donation of €5820 was made, bringing the total contribution to over €369,000 since the partnership began.