Responsible Water Consumption

We recognize the importance of responsible water management in a world that faces increasing drought conditions and water stress. We are committed to using this valuable resource as carefully and efficiently as possible.

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2022 Performance

In 2022, we reduced our total water consumption by 7% per metric tonne of product produced, compared to the previous year. We are now using 54% less water per metric tonne of product in our manufacturing processes than we did in the 2006 baseline year.

At the end of 2022, two of our manufacturing facilities, representing 0.5% of our total annual water extraction, were in regions of high water stress*. None were located in regions of very high water stress.

*As defined by the Water Resources Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. Go to Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas | World Resources Institute ( for more information.

  • Castiglione, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • High Point, US
  • Ellesmere Port, UK
  • Midland, Pleasanton & Oklahoma

Castiglione, Italy

The site continued with their ongoing project to optimize the water treatment additives used in the cooling water tower, which reduces the amount of water needed for their operation. This resulted in a 7,000m3 saving of water in 2022, adding to the 13,000 m3 saved in 2021.

Barcelona, Spain

The site was able to improve efficiency and reduce their water consumption by switching from a continuous water purging system, as part of the site’s cooling water system, to a reactive monitoring system. This will generate an annual saving of 6,850m3 of water.

High Point, US

The site completed a project to replace gravel surfaces with concrete along storm water run-off routes. This has improved the quality of the storm water run-off by reducing the quantity of suspended solids.

Ellesmere Port, UK

The installation of a new, more efficient cooling tower chemical treatment and dosing system on one of the Performance Chemicals manufacturing plants located on the site is expected to save 7,300m3 of water annually.

Midland, Pleasanton & Oklahoma

Our Oilfield Services sites in the US are all now recycling washwater rather than using fresh water in compatible product batches and, where deemed suitable, are recycling cooling water.