Health & Well-being

Everyday our employees bring experience, professionalism, problem-solving, dedication and creativity to their roles within Innospec. Looking after their well-being is at the heart of our success as a business.

Employee Well-being Programs

We support our employees with a range healthcare and mental health programs, annual health checks, flu and tetanus vaccinations and eyesight and hearing checks. We also produce regular health, lifestyle, welfare and nutrition newsletters and provide free fresh fruit at work.

Take a look at some of the activities our employees have participated in to help keep fit and encourage good mental well-being.
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Herne
  • Leuna
  • Salisbury & High Point

Ellesmere Port

  • Cycle to work and bike leasing scheme 
  • Sponsorship of the Chester half marathon and a team of employee participants
  • Mental health first aiders – employees who are trained to be the first point of contact for colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health issue
  • Mental health awareness week program of activities
  • New outdoor break area created for employees on site


  • Regular group Nordic walking and running activities
  • The site ran a sleep quality day to assess the sleep hygiene of employees and provide them with an opportunity to undertake relaxation exercises with a focus on the connection between physical and mental health 


  • Bicycle leasing program 
  • Participation of a team of employees in a local company triathlon 
  • Company football team 
  • Employees took part in the running and walking challenge of Saxony-Anhalt
  • A team of employees joined the Merseburg benefit run, with the company making a donation for every kilometer ran

Salisbury and High Point

  • Into the Light Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Walk sponsorship 
  • Mental health webinars aiming to strengthen collective efforts around prevention, awareness and taking action

Get Moving Challenge

All US employees are invited to sign up to an annual wellness and exercise program. During 2022, 172 employees across 15 teams participated in the ‘Get Moving’ challenge. All participants received a cooling headband and those that completed the most activity during the challenge received health-related prizes. Participants logged over 4,800 hours of activity.

Our ‘Get Moving’ challenge was hugely popular. It kicked off in June and was open to everyone working at our various locations in the Americas. We ended up with 172 participants and 15 teams. Everyone who signed up received a cooling headband and a gift card. As well as logging the time you were active, we all had to take part in three 30-minute fitness sessions each week over a six-week period. Altogether we logged 292,478 minutes of activity. I was thrilled to be named the winner of the 2022 ‘Get Moving’ challenge and I’ll definitely take part again. Getting active is good for your mind and health generally.

Zach Stephenson – Director of International Operations, Oilfield Services

UK Chemistry Industry Association (CIA) employee health metrics tool

Every year we use the CIA health metrics indicator tool to score and compare our health programs with industry best practice. The tool measures how we are performing across a range of issues such as health leadership, policies, audits, hazard control, monitoring, wellness support and rehabilitation programs, health promotion and education.

Following the assessment, sites are allocated a score on a scale of A to D:
A ‘Advanced’, B ‘Best Practice’, C ’Controlling’ and D ‘Developing’.

of sites maintained ‘Controlling’ rating as a minimum

of sites achieved ‘Best Practice’ rating overall

of sites achieved ‘Advanced’ in some areas of the assessment

of sites achieved ‘Advanced’
rating overall