Our priorities for 2018


Minimize impact

  • Develop and implement a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission program, targeting projects that will deliver, by the end
  • of 2018, the equivalent of a 2% saving in GHG scope 1 and 2 emissions (based on 2015 baseline)
  • Review waste handling methods to maximize recycling, recovery and reuse routes and minimize the amount sent for direct disposal
  • Identify and evaluate further water reduction projects

Product Sustainability

  • Increase the transparency and understanding of Innospec’s palm based raw material supply chain to identify our key geographical regions


  • Review and continually drive improvement across our compliance reporting ensuring that all business areas and functions are captured, reporting is timely and we develop a culture where everyone takes responsibility for compliance
  • Develop and deliver training to enhance understanding on competition and anti-trust law

Third Party Management

  • Encourage improvements in the sustainability practices of those suppliers ranked as medium risk following their EcoVadis assessment
  • Incorporate the EcoVadis sustainability assessment into the new supplier evaluation process for suppliers above agreed spending thresholds
  • Complete the baseline EcoVadis sustainability assessments for key Innospec Performance Chemical Europe suppliers (top 20 by spend)