Development and Training is one of our Responsible Business Strategy Focus Areas and we are pleased to have supported one of our 2010 chemical engineering interns, Paul Veihs, through to a Master’s degree.

Paul began as an intern at our Leuna site in Germany and then transitioned to an apprenticeship. Following his successful apprenticeship, he went on to complete his chemical engineering degree in 2016.

Talking about his experience, Paul said: “It has been really beneficial to study while being employed. Being firmly rooted in the work environment ensures that I focus on practical real issues, making my research relevant and useful to my chosen sector.”

Paul was particular grateful to the support he received from his colleagues. “My colleagues have been really supportive through my studies and have given me opportunities to apply my training and to solve challenges.”

We congratulate Paul on his achievements to date and in 2017 continued to support him on his journey to becoming a Master of Chemical Engineering.