During 2020, our Performance Chemicals business received the prestigious Best Innovation Contributor Award at the 2020 Henkel Beauty Care event. This was in recognition of the substantial contribution made by us in developing solid products that require less water, less packaging and a smaller transportation footprint. Our team helped Henkel launch a new shampoo powder in record time using our sulfate-free surfactants.

We have been pioneering the development of sulfate-free surfactants for many years and we are the market leader. It is now 10 years since we first introduced our ISELUX® range. In the intervening years there have been 2,330 global launches of personal care products using ISELUX®'s unique patented technology. Today it is used across a number of markets to add luxurious cleansing to everything from beauty care and male grooming products to super mild baby products. This high-performing surfactant has 80% naturally derived carbon content and delivers ultra-mild clear shampoos, shower gels, hand and facial cleansers that easily generate dense creamy lather and long-lasting foam.