Ten years ago, Innospec introduced a Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Best Practice group. The concept was developed to help all sites benefit from each other’s experiences by encouraging the company’s safety professionals to come together and discuss any serious accidents, incidents and near misses that occur.

The group meets biannually, with each manufacturing site hosting the meeting in rotation. At each meeting, the group tours the host site to spot any potential issues, near misses and examples of good practice.

When the first 12 members of the group came together, it was agreed that the meetings would only continue for as long as the process was valuable for everyone. Ten years later the group continues with around 23 representatives from all Innospec manufacturing locations, including four of the original members. The group has proved a valuable way of allowing our SHE professionals to network, build relationships, share issues and continually improve standards across all our sites.

Helen Coy, Group Sustainable Development Manager, has been a member of the group since it formed. “Sharing best practice and experiences with peers is essential to establishing and maintaining a common culture across a global company. Working together, progress and development is so much quicker than when working in isolation,” explained Helen.

“Over the last decade, we’ve created an international team with strong SHE principles and experience, enabling us to maintain high standards across all sites of the Innospec family. The fact that 2017 is the tenth year of these biannual meetings is testimony of their value to those attending,” said Helen.

In October 2017, we also created a new SHE Best Practice page on the corporate intranet as a central location for shared best practice documents and information. As an example, SHE alerts are created for all very serious and some serious events and posted on the page to enable other locations to review with their teams and implement any applicable learnings.