In 2021, we delivered 5,986 compliance training courses to all employees as part of our annual compliance training and certification program. This included courses on our Code of Conduct, Data Protection, Competition Law, Bribery Prevention, Corruption and Global Modern Slavery amongst others.

All these courses are designed to give employees a good understanding of the rules and related risks as they apply to our business and other relevant areas such as export controls and trade sanctions.

We have now centralized the co-ordination of all regional mandatory in-person induction training with our legal compliance team based in the UK. The team now schedules weekly induction sessions, alternating between our geographical regions. This new format has improved the efficiency of delivery and monitoring of this training.

Using SAI Global as our online compliance training provider, we recorded a completion rate of 99.7% for our 2021 employee compliance training program. This equates to 5,986 courses delivered to 1,980 employees.