Our Performance Chemicals research and technical teams have been responding to increased customer demand for less plastic and lower embodied carbon emissions in their products.

We have developed innovative new concepts that change the way products are transported, packaged and used including:

  • More concentrated ingredients and formulations that require less water and less packaging.
  • Ingredients that are easier to rinse so that less water is needed during use.
  • Concentrated solutions that require fewer transport journeys, reducing associated packaging and emissions.
  • Inspiration for plastic-free packaging such as aluminum and other recyclable options to make end products more environmentally friendly.

We have developed a range of ingredients that can help our customers create water-free formulations that require less packaging, including:

  • Charcoal Cleanse and Shave Stick (Iselux® SCMI MB, Pureact I-78 MB, Pureact TR-L90 MB)
  • Bubble Scrub Butter (Iselux® SCMI MB, Empigen BS/FA/MB, Pureact Gluco C MB)
  • ‘Small but Mighty’ Shampoo Butter (Iselux® SCMI MB, Emulsil DME-504, Puract I-78 MB, Pureact SCG MB)
  • Powder-to-Foam Facial Cleanser (Pureact WSP, Pureact I-78 MB, Pureact SCG MB)
  • Charcoal Shampoo Bar (Activsoft CD, Pureact I-85EC MB, Pureact TR-L90 MB)
“We have always been customer focused, delivering innovation to create new products, but now it is also about offering new concepts that are more sustainable. These concepts can help the consumer reduce their impact on the environment by changing the way they receive and use their products. Sustainability is a driving force for new and innovative concepts that are really transforming the personal and home care industries with many other sectors following the same path.”Bob Griffiths, Global Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Accounts, Performance Chemicals.