Securing business in the Production Chemicals product line often requires extensive field surveys to fully understand our customers’ needs. Our Customer Technical Service (CTS) group, at times accompanied by our sales personnel, spend days and often weeks taking samples and performing field tests.

Following these field investigations, our teams returned to their regional laboratories to begin tailored product testing. In 2019, the CTS team performed over 60 field surveys, as well as three separate R&D projects.

Our CTS group is equipped with state-of-the-art ‘Mobile Response Technical Units’ to quickly resolve almost any production or pipeline technical problem. Working with fresh samples on location gives a faster response time so that we are able to help our customers get their wells back online sooner. Our locally based technicians have years of field experience and are well-versed in hydrogen sulfide, paraffin, corrosion, scale and mechanical issues.

In 2019, our CTS team formulated a complete treatment product line, targeting the large amounts of water used in hydraulic fracturing applications. The TruCleanTM water treatment portfolio consists of more than 40 products that resolve a range of issues from improving filtering efficiency to controlling bacterial growth.

Working together with Production, Drilling and Stimulation groups, CTS helped secure a contract in New Mexico through extensive field testing and analysis. The group’s high-quality work, excellent customer service and commitment to innovative technology led to a contract to supply chemicals for the company’s entire portfolio.