From formulating, manufacturing and selling our ingredients, our Technical Service and Research & Development teams are committed to collaborating with our customers to find creative and practical solutions to reduce impact on the environment.

Our approach to encouraging ongoing innovation in product development allows us to supply safe, sustainable products, designed to meet the needs of society now and in the future, while minimising their environmental impact. Below are some examples of our innovative products:

Innovation at Innospec delivers Product Sustainability
“We understand that the Environment, Social and Governance aspects of our business are of increasing focus for our investors. As a company, we look carefully at our supply chain and resources and seek to provide as much information as possible on the impacts of our products. At Innospec, we take this extremely seriously and work to ensure our investors and customers have the information they need to fully understand the impacts and benefits of our products. We aim to understand the impact of our products from the ‘cradle to the grave’ and develop products which deliver a positive benefit to society by helping to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.”Brian Watt, Senior Vice President Strategic Planning, Corporate Development and Investor Relations.