Our priorities for 2021


We have set a medium-term objective for all our manufacturing sites to deliver a 10% reduction in Group Scope 1 GHG emissions by the end of 2030. We will look for opportunities to move to renewable sources of energy. Where renewable energy is not an option, we are exploring viable options and timescales for achieving carbon neutral status. In 2021, our manufacturing sites will also be working on new initiatives to reduce water use, improve water quality and minimize the amount of waste sent to landfill.


EcoVadis is helping us manage the sustainability performance of our raw material supply chain. We now want to take this initiative further and in 2021 we will extend the requirement to complete EcoVadis assessments to include our non-raw material suppliers. We will also introduce new mandatory certification to demonstrate compliance screening of suppliers across our global business operations. In line with our NDPE (no Deforestation, no Peat, no Exploitation) sustainable palm policy and commitments we will conduct an annual transparency and risk mapping exercise for our 2020 palm volumes, targeting 100% transparency to the mill level. We will also develop and maintain a publicly available palm grievance tracker on our web site to demonstrate transparency in the application and compliance of our NDPE policy.