Our compliance programs and related performance status are reported to the Compliance Steering Group that meets bi-monthly. The group then reports through the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee to the Board of Directors. The steering group comprises of our Chief Compliance Officer, Global Compliance Counsel, Head of Business Assurance and senior members of Innospec’s commercial and legal compliance teams.

Our Governance Structure
  • Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee responsible for recommending to the Board: qualified individuals to serve as Board members, re-nomination of incumbent Directors, governance guidelines, committee appointments, providing leadership of corporate governance and reviewing the Board’s performance.
  • Audit Committee provides oversight of the Board’s responsibilities relating to the integrity of the company accounting and audit practices, policies, personnel, systems, reporting and disclosures.
  • Compensation Committee supports the Board’s responsibility in long-term strategy and shareholder interests relating to executive compensation and incentive programs for all Executive Officers, Directors and other employees. It also advises on compensation policy and structure for non-employee directors.
  • Non-Employee Directors Group responsible for strategic agenda setting prior to the main Board meeting. It must also set the boundaries within which to challenge decision making and senior roles in the business. Additionally, it must assess the need for expertise or skills not visibly available to the business.